League Decider

Going into the last league match the competition winner is likely to be either Ilminster or Chardstock. Ilminster need only win one rink to retain their title. If Chardstock win both rinks they will be champions. Either way, stress levels should not be comparable with following the England football team.


All fixtures for 2024 have been agreed. The only change from last year is to start matches earlier at 6pm. This years Triangular Cup will be hosted by Merriott.

The guidelines of the league provide an unequalled level of access to competitive bowling as you are likely to find in terms of inclusive participation. Unlimited substitutions or playing structures, permitting mentoring during the matches, allowing flexibility to play as a pair if player availability is an issue. In particular less confident bowlers benefitted from the supportive nature of the environment, i.e. it didn’t matter if some form of etiquette was lacking or knowledge of the rules. Fellow competitiors and experienced observers were on hand to advise and nurture