Merriott Gallery

Monday 3rd July

Rink 3 Chardstock Skip Simon Davis No.2 Christine Legg Leads Debby & Stanley Siu A very close game 11-14

No matter how cold it looks! Believe us, it was COLDER!

Everyone contributed to their rinks performance, Well Done!

Monday 3rd July

Skip Matthew Lewis No.2 Ian Griffiths Lead Alison (I only found the ditch once) Mariner

The scoreline at end 13 was 10-8 in Merriotts favour, revealing just how close a contest it had been throughout. Then Matt’s rink won the last three ends by 3, 4 & 6

We are grateful to Chardstock for the warmth of their welcome.

Friday 21st July Home vs Ilminster Rink 2 Andy Coupe, Alison Mariner & Debby Siu. Rink 3 Simon Davis, Christine Legg & Stanley Siu Thank you to Jane Coupe for facilitating our after game food etc. Thanks to Jonathan Ward, Ann & Martyn Putland for hosting an additional rink of Ilminster new bowlers

Monday 14th August Home v Chardstock

Chardstocks rink of new bowlers Plus Gill