Widening Participation

A key feature of the Friendly League is it’s ability to tailor participation levels on an individual basis. For example if a player was restricted in their movement. They could play at just one end of the green, allowing an additional team member to play from the opposite end. Alternatively, if a players stamina would only allow them to play a portion of the game, then a substitute could replace them in a planned exchange or impromptu, as necessary. Similarly, a new bowler who might be nervous, playing an entire game, could be introduced as a substitute to play only a few ends. Additionally, the League allows mentoring to take place during the game, (see League guidelines). There are no regulations on age or gender and some leeway on making up numbers, making allowance for being a player short.

Matches can be scheduled to commence at a time agreeable to the match secretaries, however, a team may insist on an evening start, removing any inclusion barrier for working players or young people in education.